Instant active data is now available in the form of a revolutionary new product called Freshsketch!

In today’s market, business is tough and identifying active consumers is becoming more challenging by the day. Freshsketch provides ‘real-time’ information on targeted individuals with the ability, need and/or desire to spend. This data is captured from the completed comprehensive customer lifestyle surveys of actively spending individuals so are prime targets with a pre-determined mind set to purchase. These active records are so fresh, the information is available to you within a week of the surveys being completed; allowing you to target those individuals immediately!

Accurate and fresh information is the key to success in today’s economical climate, knowing that the data you receive is current and factual is of paramount importance to delivering a successful targeted marketing campaign, be it for Credit Cards, Mortgages, Fashion, Finance, Home Improvements etc. Starting with the right information not only saves time and money but delivers the results. The records provided consist of consumers who are currently spending and will continue to do so throughout recession and uncertain times, these individuals are buying now and a global financial crisis will not get in the way of their desire to spend.

Freshsketch is not just a marketing tool but an invaluable resource to help grow your business.

Base Rates
Email           £180/000
Postal          £150/000
Mobile         £220/000
Telephone    £200/000

If you would like any more information about Freshsketch then please contact one of our Consumersketch account managers today.