Data Collection

Consumerdata are the only UK based company who provide ‘in-house’ all the services required for data capture, data processing, analysis and reporting of customer satisfaction questionnaires.

As the sister company of Consumersketch, Consumerdata have a focus on not only collecting precise data but interpreting the data instead of just simply collecting and processing. Looking for relationships and correlations has given Consumerdata a reputation as being specialist’s in data analysis and has meant we have worked alongside many prestigious companies and industry leaders.

Performing to the highest standards and having an ‘in-house’ service means that Consumerdata take on both full accountability and flexibility of operations. The process used for quality checking reports is based on a combination of automated and manual procedures.

Our automated process runs in a pre and post report generation. This checks for consistency and compares record counts by various groupings against control counts. Automated consistency checks are run against the processed data where any potential issues are identified by the automated checks and are flagged for manual investigation.

The manual procedure checks a random selection of reports and parameters. This can include manual recalculation of scores for smaller aggregations of data; visual confirmation that there are no images missing amongst other checks.

For web based reporting the analysis software used in the automated process is run against the web server log files and tracked on a nightly basis. With the manual procedure a review of the web server log file analysis is taken to check whether errors have occurred not just in the reports themselves but also on the server.

At Consumerdata quality control is essential. We feel it is our obligation to clients to provide data that is as completely accurate as possible. Our recent test figures show a 99.987% accuracy rate which equates to only 6 errors out of a batch of 45,000 questionnaires for one client.

Our web reporting is available worldwide, 24 hours a day via broadband connection. It is hosted on an encrypted, secure website accessed via username and password. Having a hosted reporting service that is available for all clients supplying raw data in electronic form and the ability to provide strategic and operational information to management level, Consumerdata are leaders in data collection.

If you would like any more information on data collection then please contact one of our Consumersketch account managers today.