Mobile Data

Mobile Data: 1.2 million individuals

Using mobile phones as a means for direct marketing is fast becoming
one of the most personal, accessible and quickest forms of delivering a campaign. Aside from SMS, most mobile phones enable up to the minute communications via email, internet and calling. This allows consumers to react instantly to targeted messaging and feel as though they are benefiting from a more personal service improving on customer satisfaction.

Having over 1 million mobile phone numbers on our Consumersketch database and, with additional network information available, our data is being used by many mobile phone service providers as a way of improving market share.

Direct mobile marketing is a simple method that is fast proving itself to be effective especially with demographics that have previously been harder to target such as the younger markets. Most mobile users are now getting alerts for phone tariffs, retail sales, bank balances and much more with the progression into newer, ‘smarter’ phones.

Consumersketch data is the perfect platform for any business looking to incorporate SMS into their marketing strategy. Not only do we provide accurate, good quality information but in addition we are able to arrange and support the broadcast process should it be required.

If you would like any more information on mobile data then please contact one of our Consumersketch account managers today.