Email Data

Email Data: 1.3 million individuals

Consumersketch give businesses an easier way of selecting data to
use in their email marketing campaigns. As a more cost effective, targeted method of message delivery it is vital that you get accurate data that will give your business an increased response rate that is easy to measure.

Whatever your criteria we will produce a list of ‘opt-in’ email addresses that are taken from our 10 million strong database. Having been part of many successful email campaigns we have seen first hand that when used correctly our Consumersketch data will help increase your brand awareness and give instant results.

Aside from accurate, quality data Consumersketch offer a complete broadcast service to support your email campaign. This can include open rates, click through rates, real time database, unsubscribe facilities and many other features. Unlike many other companies we are happy to release our email data whether you choose our broadcast service or to manage your own.

If you would like any more information on email data then please contact one of our Consumersketch account managers today.