At Consumersketch our business is data. Our range of products reflects this as we make sure we do not deviate from our core expertise of consumer data. Our vast database can accommodate many different methods used in direct marketing from the more traditional direct mail and tele-marketing to email and mobile. Our services are continually expanding to give our clients the best possible methods of delivering their campaigns.

The Consumersketch database is made up from paper based satisfaction and lifestyle surveys that make for an accurate, selectable file of over 12 million consumers. To be able to target campaigns correctly it is essential that we provide a variety of options for our clients to choose their data from. Our new, national file Totalsketch consists of over 33 million individuals with data collected from their home addresses.

Consumersketch offers a truly multi-channelled, and integrated data service. We:

  • Collect databases
  • Rent data for one time use
  • Licence data for multi-use
  • Append data
  • Profile and analyse data

If you would like any more information on the products or services we offer then please contact one of our Consumersketch account managers today.