What are selections?
Selections are key variables that we hold on our database of consumers. An example of a selection would be someone's age, income, email address etc. The more selections you add to your criteria the smaller the available volume will be that match your request. Choosing selections carefully is very important, as it will have the greatest bearing on the type of consumer you target. The success of your campaign depends upon using these selections wisely.

What is TPS/MPS?
TPS or the Telephone Preference Service is a register of all individuals who have asked not to be contacted by telephone on a residential telephone number. MPS or the Mailing Preference Service is a register of all individuals who have asked not to be contacted by direct mail.

How much does the data cost?
The cost of the data will depend on the quantity ordered and the type of data purchased, such as e-mail or direct mail. Our account managers are happy to talk to you about pricing structure. Please contact one of them for further details.

How many times can I use the data?
Unless specified otherwise, all data purchased is for a one-time use only. This means that you are only allowed to talk to or write to or email to the consumer once, unless they become a client. We can arrange re-mail terms and rates should you want to use the data repeatedly.

Can I see a sample questionnaire?
Yes upon request we can supply you with an abbreviated sample questionnaire from one of our data sources.

Where does your data come from?
Consumersketch data comes from a multitude of customer satisfaction and lifestyle paper based questionnaires predominately within the Travel Sector.

Do you release your email addresses?

Yes we can release our email addresses to you should you wish to broadcast them yourself.

What is an e-mail bounce back?
After e-mail broadcast there will inevitably be a small number of 'bounce backs'. A bounce back is a term to describe an undeliverable e-mail. An e-mail may not be delivered for many reasons, but the most common are SPAM filters, bad e-mail addresses or time-outs. Consumersketch remove all bad e-mail addresses 5 times a year by broadcasting to our entire database, thus maintaining the accuracy of our data. As with our telephone data we are happy to compensate for any bad email addresses by offering a free over supply at the time of order.

How quick can you deliver data?

Usually within 48 hours although very large volumes & tricky layouts can take up to 4 days.

How and in what format will I receive data?

Our usual despatch is via email although various others are available (i.e. ftp, CD, DVD).  Data is default set to a .csv file but any layout & format is possible upon instructions.

Can I sponsor a question?
The simple answer is ‘No’ although this is not to say we would not look into this for you should we think it would be relevant to our data sources.

Can you collect Data for me?
Yes, our sister company Consumerdata are the only UK based company who provide ‘in-house’ all the services required.

If you have any more questions or need information on any of our products or services then please contact one of our Consumersketch account managers today.

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