Data Selections and Rates

Core Data Selections and Volumes

Selection Individuals
Postal 12,000,000
Email 1,900,000
Telephone 960,000
Mobile 2,000,000
Home Insurance Renewal 4,900,000
Car Insurance Renewal 4,600,000

At Consumersketch our selections process is simple.  Once you have made your core selection from the above you can then add in selections from the Geo, Demographic, Lifestyle selections to make sure you are targeting the correct consumer most likely to respond to your campaign.

For example:    (Postal Data, Geo, Demographics, Lifestyle) –
England Only, Males, Aged 25-45, Interested in Water Sports

For anymore information or if you have been inspired by any of our available selections contact one of our Consumersketch account managers today with your criteria.  

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