Corporate Social Responsibility

From the core fundamentals of the company to the well being of clients and consumers, Consumersketch are committed to a corporate responsibility manifesto that aims to promote ethical, efficient and environmentally aware business.

Ethical Business

Consumersketch only source data in an ethical, considerate manner. Using various types of paper based and email surveys we gather information in an unobtrusive manner where consumers feel relaxed and happy enough to be able to give honest, detailed feedback to our satisfaction and lifestyle questionnaires.

Environmental Business

Contributing to a sustainable future is an essential part of the Consumersketch company. We understand the importance of environmental preservation and update our policy regularly to ensure we are doing everything possible.

  • Where possible we use resources that have been made in an ethical and eco-friendly way.
  • We try to limit the amount of packaging used in mail outs and parcel sending.
  • Encourage clients to use multi-channel campaigns to spread the environmental impact from just one medium.
  • Limit the amount of paper usage within our office and use mostly emails to send out receipts, invoices and any other information to our clients.

Efficient Business

At Consumersketch we promote efficient business throughout. This operates on many levels and can be broken down into two areas - our business performance and business functions.

Business performance

  • Creating targeted campaigns that are delivered within time and budget
  • Using modern technologies that filter out the most relevant lifestyle data for your business
  • Generating data from paper based surveys that are carried out with willing consumers in a relaxed environment which results in accurate, honest data that can help your business see a quick return on investment from your campaign
  • Use only UK resources for data capture wherever possible and don’t outsource abroad cutting down on carbon emissions
  • Having a low staff turnover means we have a team that are knowledgeable, driven and task focused making for a more efficient work force

Business functions

  • Using energy efficient lighting within our offices
  • Switching off electrical equipment at the end of the day and not leaving anything on standby
  • Only using heating and air conditioning when necessary
  • When replacing any IT and electrical goods we look for the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly equipment that will not only reduce our operational costs but reduce our impact on the environment.
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